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4 Things You Can Expect from Your Local Medicare Advisor

Medicare beneficiaries have many ways they can complete their enrollment. They can shop online, call insurance companies, or call one of the many 1-800 shown on TV commercials. But the best way to enroll is with the help of a local Medicare advisor.

Yes, we’re a bit biased. But whether you choose to enlist the help of Local Medicare Specialists or another brokerage, there are 4 things you can expect from your agent that you won’t get anywhere else - certainly not from the companies advertising to you on TV.

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1. Medicare Education

The first priority of any Medicare advisor should be to provide you with the education and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your Medicare health plans. Medicare is confusing and there are so many choices you have to make! To ensure you get the coverage you need, you’ll need to be informed about your policies.

Our insurance agents will break down each part of Medicare for you, even if you’ve been enrolled for several years. It’s always good to get a refresher course on how Medicare works, and stay up-to-date on annual changes. We’ll take you step-by-step through each part, and help you make decisions along the way.

2. Unbiased Direction

Insurance agents can either be captive or independent. Captive agents represent just one insurance company. While they are probably well-versed in their company’s plans, they won’t be able to compare their benefits to others on the market.

Independent agents, like the ones at Local Medicare Specialists, have contracts with many carriers. This allows them to compare benefits and premiums to find the plan that works well for you. Independent agents don’t have any loyalty to one company - only to you as their client.

3. Knowledge About Your Local Market

You probably get plenty of calls from telemarketers offering to help you with your Medicare enrollment. The problem is, those telemarketers probably don’t live in your area. They may offer you a plan that sounds great initially, but you may find out that none of the providers in your area accept that plan.

Local insurance agents know your market. They know the doctors and hospitals in your area and which plans they accept. A local agent will take the time to make sure your doctors are contracted with a plan prior to enrolling you in one.

4. Year-Round Customer Support

Lastly, you’ll get year-round customer support if you use one of the agents at Local Medicare Specialists. After your enrollment is complete, we’ll be here to answer questions you have during the year.

We’ll also keep you updated about important changes to your plan and upcoming enrollment periods. If we find ways to increase your coverage or save you money, we’ll reach out to discuss those options with you.

Convinced yet? Take the next step and chat with a Medicare advisor near you.

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